I invaded the White House press corps, from Salon (watch ad for free site pass). "I had front row seats at the media's Great Slave Rebellion over Karl Rove. No wonder our democracy's in trouble."

Scientific Savvy? In U.S., Not Much, from The New York Times.

The Chucks Without the Laces, from Manolo's Shoe Blog. Perhaps the only blog where Chuck Taylor and Jacques Derrida co-exist in the same post.

Both Sides of the Windshield, from Fat Cyclist.

Pricey Therapy : The downside of making postpartum depression sexy, from Slate.

It's a Jerk!: Should men want to watch their wives give birth?, from Slate.

Alive and Kicking: Why no one truly believes in a dead Constitution, from Slate.

Cut It Off: Another disgusting religious practice, from Slate.

Rape Charge Follows Marriage to a 14-Year-Old, from The New York Times.

Mormonism may sour Romney for some in Christian right, from The Boston Globe, courtesy of Alison.

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