American Science, RIP, from Stay Free! The scientist stamps from USPS are parodied as anti-scientist stamps. Hilarious. And sad.

"Mr Housing Bubble" shirts strike chord, draw ire, from The Boston Globe.

I Feel Your Fetus's Pain: Compassionate conservatism enters the womb, from Slate.

"I have not urged my own children to enlist", from the Blue Mass Group.

Governor Landslide, from the Blue Mass Group.

Hitting the ceiling, from Asymmetrical Information. What a Gas! But Hawaii isn't laughing, from the Wall Street Journal.

What -- and Where -- Is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?, from Slate.


I invaded the White House press corps, from Salon (watch ad for free site pass). "I had front row seats at the media's Great Slave Rebellion over Karl Rove. No wonder our democracy's in trouble."

Scientific Savvy? In U.S., Not Much, from The New York Times.

The Chucks Without the Laces, from Manolo's Shoe Blog. Perhaps the only blog where Chuck Taylor and Jacques Derrida co-exist in the same post.

Both Sides of the Windshield, from Fat Cyclist.

Pricey Therapy : The downside of making postpartum depression sexy, from Slate.

It's a Jerk!: Should men want to watch their wives give birth?, from Slate.

Alive and Kicking: Why no one truly believes in a dead Constitution, from Slate.

Cut It Off: Another disgusting religious practice, from Slate.

Rape Charge Follows Marriage to a 14-Year-Old, from The New York Times.

Mormonism may sour Romney for some in Christian right, from The Boston Globe, courtesy of Alison.


Gates of Fire, from Michael Yon's blog. From MSNBC.com: "There is actually good reporting coming from Iraq -- check out Michael Yon's blog, for example. And it's possible to get a clearer picture of the strategic picture than most big media accounts provide."

Stuff on My Cat.

Boing Boing's $250,000 Intelligent Design challenge (UPDATED: $1 million), from Boing Boing.

Jim Leftwich's Flying Spaghetti Monster T-shirt at Boing Boing store, from Boing Boing.

Industrial Revolution, from Frazz.

Missed Church? Download It to Your IPod, from The New York Times.

Today's Horoscope: Now Unsure, from The New York Times.

Cutting through search-engine clutter, from the Boston Globe.

Strictly Speaking: Slate readers pull the plug on the living Constitution, from Slate.

Zoo tortoise gets a fiberglass shell-patch after surgery, from Boing Boing.

Scientist Trading Cards, from All Too Flat.


Pastafarianism: Flying Spaghetti Monster cult grows, from BoingBoing.

The Dread Pirate Bin Laden: How thinking of terrorists as pirates can help win the war on terror, from Legal Affairs.

Ministry of Reshelving puts 1984 in its proper place, from BoingBoing.

What Makes People Gay?, from Boston.com. "The debate has always been that it was either all in the child's upbringing or all in the genes. But what if it's something else?"

The Big Gulp, from Wired. "NASA pisses away millions hauling H2O into orbit. But there's a better way -- recycle astronaut urine. Just one question: How does it taste?"

Mindful of Symbols, from Scientific American. "On the way to learning that one thing can represent another, young children often conflate the real item and its symbol. These errors show how difficult it is to start thinking symbolically."

Group Theory in the Bedroom: An insomniac's guide to the curious mathematics of mattress flipping, from American Scientist.

Lions and Cheetahs and Elephants, Oh My!: Let them run wild. In North America, from Slate.

The Word on the Street: The cumulative genius of Overheard in New York, from Slate.

Thigh the beloved country, from Salon (watch an ad for a free site pass). "Muscle-bound models sporting 'big butts' star in Nike's fall ad campaign. Can this real-women marketing craze be real?"

Kid Karma, from The Sneeze.


Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory, from The Onion.

Got SUV Guilt? Peace of mind can be yours for $274, from Slate.

Book 'em, from Salon, a humorous essay by Garrison Keillor. "If Ketchikan, Alaska, can have a $223 million bridge, can the nation's English majors score some swanky libraries?"

Consider the Lobster, from Gourmet, courtesy of Jennifer. Love this article.

The hollow man, from Salon. "Bush's inability to feel the pain of others -- highlighted by Cindy Sheehan's peace vigil -- is a stark contrast to the anguish LBJ felt over casualties in Vietnam."

The State of the Debate on the War: Kittenpimps, from Wonkette.

Forget the Call of the Wild: In Montana, the R.V. Set Is Drawn by the Words 'No Taxes', from The New York Times.

Riding Fung Wah? Wear Asbestos, from CarPundit.

Department of awful headlines, from Asymmetrical Information.


Rove Has Competition, from Wonkette. " 'The people of today's Americas want a politician who can speak their language and speak it badly.' Andy Dick is Harlan McCraney, the man who knows why our children isn't learning." WATCH THIS MOVIE!

When Politics Kills, Grief Becomes Politics, from Cold Fury.

Thou art no Romeo: Famed swan couple is all-female, from Boston.com.

Under Pressure, from The New York Times, about sous vide cooking.

The Other Army, from The New York Times, courtesy of Brad. This is about mercenaries private security companies.

Make all sorts of things, with PVC, from Make.

How to Use Google Maps EZ, from Bluweb.

No More Electric Bills: Well, not quite. But 'zero-energy homes' keep them low, from Newsweek.

One Bag: The Art and Science of Travelling Light.

No More Fighting with the DMV: Custom Car Emblems from youremblem.com Are Great, from Real Tech News.

Teen forced to close fair booth - for Marshmallow shooter!!, from Make.

The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

President Bush Sells Pizza in New Zealand, from AdRants, courtesy of Alison.

Pet Tricks -- and an Accidental Career, from NPR.

Reading "Lord of the Flies", from Salon (watch an ad for a free site pass). "Almost 20 years ago, I wrote a paper on William Golding's survival tale -- without reading the book. This summer, I thought I'd see if it was truly as dreadful as I imagined." Speaking as someone who read the book and refused to write the paper: YES.


Absence makes, from from This Fish Needs A Bicycle.

Soldier's mom digs in near Bush ranch: Senator sees 'echoes of Vietnam' in vigil to meet president, from CNN, courtesy of Mark A.

Mass. auto insurers set to seek a rate cut: Industry proposal could impede Romney plan, from Boston.com, courtesy of Mark A. I have to agree with Romney (even though I dislike him) -- the current system is ''Soviet-style."

Thrill ride: Tom "Pohaku" Stone works to revive the ancient Hawaiian tradition of he`e holua, or lava sledding, from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, courtesy of Rachel.


Harris Says Newspapers 'Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup, from the Tampa Tribune. Katherine Harris's Extreme Makeover, from Wonkette.com.

Moral Maturity: Bill Frist, closet pro-choicer, from Slate.com. But, let's not forget this gem from the Harvard Medical School honors grad:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: ...Now, you're a doctor. Do you believe that tears and sweat can transmit HIV?

SENATOR BILL FRIST: I don't know. I can tell you...


SENATOR BILL FRIST: I can tell you things like, like...

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, wait, let me stop you, you don't know that, you believe that tears and sweat might be able to transmit AIDS?

SENATOR BILL FRIST: Yeah, no, I can tell you that HIV is not very transmissible as an element like, compared to smallpox, compared to the flu.

The Souter Factor: What makes tough conservative justices go soft?, from Slate.com.

The Blogs of War, from Wired.com. "On the 21st-century battlefield, the campfire glow comes from a laptop. It's a real-time window on life behind the lines - and suddenly the Pentagon is on the defensive."

62-year-old woman found guilty of assaulting a federal aviation security staff member, from BoingBoing.net. "She squeezed the breast of the security person after she claims the security person had done the same to her."

Daily Show on Scientology, from BoingBoing.net.

Condoleezza Hairdo Alert System, from Sparkle Pony.

Sushi Lesson: How to eat sushi properly, from Bayosphere (previous parts of the series are available; the series is ongoing).

I'm Glad That Somebody is Thinking About This Stuff, from Instapundit.com.

"They always throw around this term 'the liberal elite.' And I kept thinking to myself about the Christian right: what's more elite than believing that only you will go to heaven?" - Jon Stewart