Is Housing Too Expensive? Blame the Government: Maybe zoning laws are causing the real-estate bubble, from Slate.com.

Twelve Sequels to Dances With Wolves That, Due to Monetary Constraints, Were Never Produced, from McSweeneys, courtesy of Alison.

Special-Interest Bike Shops, from McSweeneys, courtesy of Alison.

We Can Leave Iraq by 2007: Here's how, from Slate.com.

Nelson-Lodefink Ball clock Phase 1, from Finkbuilt.

Britsh Wit Unappreciated, from Wonkette.com.

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Cat got your keyboard?, from Salon.com (watch ad for free site pass). "A clever new software program will keep Mr. Cuddly's paws off your computer."

How Does the Heat Index Work?: Pretty well, if you're 5-feet-7, from Slate.com, courtesy of Mark A. The Assessment of Sultriness. Part I: A Temperature-Humidity Index Based on Human Physiology and Clothing Science, from the American Meteorological Society, also from Mark A.

Market share, from Boston.com. "Economists have long used their tools to analyze social phenomena. Now sociologists are learning to stop worrying and love -- or at least study -- the market."

Roberts Nickname Contest Results!: What Bush will call his Supreme Court nominee, from Slate.com.

Girls in (Cowboy) Boots: Attitude on the Hoof, from The New York Times.

Futuro Flashback: The Prefab From Another Planet, from The New York Times.

By Data Obsessed, from The New York Times. My favorite part about this article: the photo captioned "Today's cyclist has computer-generated information" features a cyclist using a helmet and aerobars that are at least 10 years old.


The too-too glamorous life of a Hollywood pilot: If you watch movies, these guys are basically knights in flight suits, from MSNBC.com. The piece is by Mary Beth Ellis, author of the thoroughly enjoyable Blonde Champagne blog.

And if you're not native-born, maybe you're better off wearing "Ban", from low culture. This is a send-up of ridiculous "Mitchum Man" ads. First Rule for a Mitchum Man? Don't Read the Subway Rules, from the New York Times.

The O Factor: Was Owen Wilson the key to the Wes Anderson phenomenon?, from Slate.com. Ed and I just saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and absolutely LOVED it. We laughed pretty much the whole time. But we had a hard time thinking of more than two or three people we know whom we thought would also love it.

Canada's first female 'priest' ordained in forbidden rite: Nine women defy Vatican ban, risk being excommunicated for actions, from The Ottawa Citizen, courtesy of Ed. I guess joining the Episcopalian Church would just be... too easy.


A neighbor's view of Valerie Wilson's 'outing', from USA Today.

Roberts Nickname Contest!: What belittling nickname will President Bush give his new Supreme Court nominee?, from Slate.com. "Mr. Pootie Poot, The president's on the line..." A Dubya Decoder, from the New York Metro. Is this a Texas thing? Does Lance Armstrong do this too? Or does Yaroslav Popovych really want to be called "Popo"?

Kite Aerial Photography 360° Panoramas, from Make.


The REAL Strict Constructionists, from Enter the Fray in Slate.com.

Snowbound, from the Washington Post. "In Savoonga, Alaska, a tough people have made a tough place their home for generations. They've survived one of the world's most inhospitable climates and the barren isolation of their Arctic island. But can they survive booze, bingo and satellite TV?"

VoIP on a bike, from InfoWorld. "A bicycle-powered, Linux-based VoIP system brings developing communities into the 21st century."

How Purdue Engineers Light BBQ Grills.

Double Super Secret Background, defined, from BoingBoing.net.

Over the top police blotter write-ups, from BoingBoing.net.

Bring Back the Couch, the campaign to reinstate the couch over at the Daily Show.

Lawn Furniture for Literalists, from ReadyMade Magazine.

The Great Flip-Flop Flap: Why we scorn the lowly thong, from Slate.com.

Priceline + Google maps mashup, from Make.

My Cheap Snow Camping Sled/Pulk, from krabach.info.

Make a desktop trebuchet, from Make.

One Free Minute.

Turtlesale.com is selling mutant, eyeless turtles as pets, from BoingBoing.net. Same breed as Benita.

How movie studios misuse reviews, from BoingBoing.net.

Where Have All the Jockstraps Gone?: The decline and fall of the athletic supporter, from Slate.com.

Economy of Scale: How fat people could save American business, from Slate.com.


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