Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory, from The Onion.

Got SUV Guilt? Peace of mind can be yours for $274, from Slate.

Book 'em, from Salon, a humorous essay by Garrison Keillor. "If Ketchikan, Alaska, can have a $223 million bridge, can the nation's English majors score some swanky libraries?"

Consider the Lobster, from Gourmet, courtesy of Jennifer. Love this article.

The hollow man, from Salon. "Bush's inability to feel the pain of others -- highlighted by Cindy Sheehan's peace vigil -- is a stark contrast to the anguish LBJ felt over casualties in Vietnam."

The State of the Debate on the War: Kittenpimps, from Wonkette.

Forget the Call of the Wild: In Montana, the R.V. Set Is Drawn by the Words 'No Taxes', from The New York Times.

Riding Fung Wah? Wear Asbestos, from CarPundit.

Department of awful headlines, from Asymmetrical Information.

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