In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?, from the Onion News Network, courtesy of Heather.

Genesis on Facebook, from College Humor, courtesy of Robin D.


Secrets of the 2008 Campaign, from Newsweek.

Winkin', from Dooce.

Someone Should Have Warned Them, from Cato @ Liberty. "By almost every measure, government grew bigger, more expensive, and more intrusive under President Bush and the Republican Congress."



Keep Virginia Red, from Cato @ Liberty.

Palin Rap, from Saturday Night Live. I can't stop watching this!

The Boys on the Bus, from The Daily Beast, courtesy of Heather. "From Steve Schmidt's bad Karaoke performance to Dennis Kucinich's nut thievery, campaign reporters share their best—and most hilarious—memories from the trail."