Mind the Gaps: Intelligent design as an answer to all life's great conundrums, from Slate. Grow Some Testables: Intelligent design ducks the rigors of science, from Slate.

The Grip of Gas: Why you'll pay through the nose to keep driving, from Slate.

Spray paint the weapon in this battle: Anonymous vandal obscures cyclists' signs, from The Boston Globe.

Karen Hughes, Stay Home!: What on earth is she doing in the Middle East?, from Slate.

Giant Squid: Don't mess with them, from Slate. Giant Squid, Where Are You?: If they're so big, why can't we find them?, from Slate.

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Mark A said...

So why call it "The Marker Nazi?" Any time someone uses that word, it pisses me off since they are probably unaware of the actual history behind the word. Especially non-Jews.

It's OK, though, if the article was referring to the swastikas that were spraypainted on the Minuteman Bikeway in Arlington/Lexington. I had originally thought the article was talking about someone replacing bike lane markers with swastikas. That would be bad, but it's just an article about grumpy old men/women painting over someone else's paint. BFD.

There's my beef.