Mass. Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Ban, from AP, courtesy of Alison.

Everybody Poops, from Wonkette.

Where To Hide From Mother Nature: Wyoming? Nope. West Virginia? Think again, from Slate.

Homeland Security's Lousy Morale: Only the Small Business Administration has unhappier employees, from Slate.

This man almost died because of Bush's FEMA, from the Philadelphia Daily News blog.

An irritating speck?, from Universal Hub. Oh Mitt Romney. Just go home already.

Corruption, from the Interdictor.

Confirmation Report: Oh, the Humanity!, from Slate.

Bi-blog Coverage of the Tennessee State Fair, from Nashville Stitch 'n Bitch. Some of these entries will take your breath away. Creepy dolls, crochet, 9/11 -- need I say more?

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