The REAL Strict Constructionists, from Enter the Fray in Slate.com.

Snowbound, from the Washington Post. "In Savoonga, Alaska, a tough people have made a tough place their home for generations. They've survived one of the world's most inhospitable climates and the barren isolation of their Arctic island. But can they survive booze, bingo and satellite TV?"

VoIP on a bike, from InfoWorld. "A bicycle-powered, Linux-based VoIP system brings developing communities into the 21st century."

How Purdue Engineers Light BBQ Grills.

Double Super Secret Background, defined, from BoingBoing.net.

Over the top police blotter write-ups, from BoingBoing.net.

Bring Back the Couch, the campaign to reinstate the couch over at the Daily Show.

Lawn Furniture for Literalists, from ReadyMade Magazine.

The Great Flip-Flop Flap: Why we scorn the lowly thong, from Slate.com.

Priceline + Google maps mashup, from Make.

My Cheap Snow Camping Sled/Pulk, from krabach.info.

Make a desktop trebuchet, from Make.

One Free Minute.

Turtlesale.com is selling mutant, eyeless turtles as pets, from BoingBoing.net. Same breed as Benita.

How movie studios misuse reviews, from BoingBoing.net.

Where Have All the Jockstraps Gone?: The decline and fall of the athletic supporter, from Slate.com.

Economy of Scale: How fat people could save American business, from Slate.com.


-h said...

A local anthropology student wrote an interesting commentary on the "Snowbound" article. He writes, "And yet, my people, the Dena'ina Athabascans, called January, the coldest month of the year, Benen q'ank'elich'deldii, which means 'month we sing.' "

-h said...

Guess I shoulda posted the link. :o)