Cat got your keyboard?, from Salon.com (watch ad for free site pass). "A clever new software program will keep Mr. Cuddly's paws off your computer."

How Does the Heat Index Work?: Pretty well, if you're 5-feet-7, from Slate.com, courtesy of Mark A. The Assessment of Sultriness. Part I: A Temperature-Humidity Index Based on Human Physiology and Clothing Science, from the American Meteorological Society, also from Mark A.

Market share, from Boston.com. "Economists have long used their tools to analyze social phenomena. Now sociologists are learning to stop worrying and love -- or at least study -- the market."

Roberts Nickname Contest Results!: What Bush will call his Supreme Court nominee, from Slate.com.

Girls in (Cowboy) Boots: Attitude on the Hoof, from The New York Times.

Futuro Flashback: The Prefab From Another Planet, from The New York Times.

By Data Obsessed, from The New York Times. My favorite part about this article: the photo captioned "Today's cyclist has computer-generated information" features a cyclist using a helmet and aerobars that are at least 10 years old.

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